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About Us

Wildcat Boxing, Inc is dedicated to the positive development of youth through their participation in the sport of boxing. Boxing is a discipline of the body and the mind, encouraging youth to take advantage of their full potiental as maturing adolescents. Through the sport of boxing, training and competition help youth learn how to develop and refine their skills as well as providing them an outlet to appropriately use them in various avenues. WIldcat Boxing, Inc also focuses on providing youth mentorship and leadership development through relationships built on trust and cosnsistency. Wildcat Boxing is located in downtown Salem, Oregon. Operating out of the warehouse space at Q’s Corner Barbershop, it functions as an open gym during the day while providing boxing instruction, training, and youth mentorship from 6-8 PM, Monday through Thursday. The intent is to provide a safe space for youth to work torwards their individual goals, stay active, as well as build a team camaraderie amongst their peers.

The Coaches

Coach Q

Coach Dwayne

Coach Trey

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(503) 364-5054

Address 724 High St NE, Salem, OR 97301

Email info@wildcatboxing.com